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Biaxial Geogrid Specifications

Biaxial Geogrid Specifications

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What is Geogrid

Biaxial Geogrid

There are probably many people who have never heard of the term geogrid. This is because geogrids are known by foreign terms that make many people not often aware of them. Meanwhile, many of them encounter geogrids in everyday life.

A variation of geosynthetic products called geogrid consists of sheets with rafts of holes dispersed over the subgrade to strengthen the soil structure. Geogrid primarily serves as reinforcement and lacks the separator, drainage, filtration, and water retention qualities of geotextile materials.

The pressure transfer method on the geogrid consists of two components: passive resistance (horizontal soil support) against the grid cross section and horizontal soil friction on the grid surface. Additionally, the geogrid serves a crucial purpose in providing the various materials required. There are several different kinds of geogrids, including polyester geogrids, uniaxial geogrids, biaxial geogrids, and triaxial geogrids. Mimin will now provide a description of the biaxial geogrid.

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Biaxial Geogrid

Geogrid Installation

The kind of geogrid used as a reinforcing or stabilizing substance on soft underground, such as in clay and debris areas. This biaxial performs an interlocking work system aggregate (locking the aggregates). A more rigid cluster layer or a more even load distribution are both produced by such a work system. The biaxial geogrid also serves another crucial purpose, namely preventing differential settlements by acting as a fundamental land stabilization material (local subsidence). It will reduce payments for the biaxial system by doing this.

This material is made of polypropylene and polyethylene and has good resistance to UV rays and weather changes brought on by black carbon addicts.

Biaxial Geogrid Function

  1. Stabilization
  2. Balancing the distribution of loads from above to the subsoil so as to avoid local subsidence
  3. Increase the carrying capacity of the soil
  4. Prevents settlement due to cracking and shrinkage in the soil
  5. Reduce costs and very good for maintenance

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