Geogrid and Geotextile

Geogrid and Geotextile

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Geogrid and Geotextile

Are you familiar with these two goods? Yes, this is a distinct product; however, many people are unsure of the distinction between geotextile and geogrid. So that you don’t misunderstand, let’s find out more about these two products together.

Products that are part of geosynthetic materials include geogrid and geotextile. Geosynthetic is a material in and of itself that aids in soil reinforcement and the resolution of civil engineering issues.

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Both the shapes and functions of geogrid and geotextile differ. Starting with geotextile, which comes in woven and nonwoven varieties, and geogrid, which comes in biaxial, uniaxial, and triaxial varieties.


Geogrid and Geotextile

This unique material is a rack-shaped sheet that is hole-hole thrown over the base soil to create a stronger soil structure. Geogrids are more like bones or reinforcements and lack the separation, drainage, filtration, and water barrier characteristics of geotextile materials. Various types of this material exist. Triaxial, Biaxial, and Unixial are all possible. There are unquestionably differences between the three different geogrid types. You can look it up on this website for more details!


One of the most frequently used materials is geotextile. The majority of Indonesia’s land is soft due to its geographic location. The material used in the example above comes in two varieties: woven and non-woven. In comparison to other soil reinforcement techniques, this geotextile material is very beneficial for strengthening soil at a reasonable cost. The soil won’t collapse easily thanks to its strong durability.

Left (Woven), Right (Non woven)

Woven and non woven have different shape or texture materials. Woven like the picture above black itself has a texture like a pebble with its made up. While nonwoven has a texture shape like carpet. Given that the functional issues with both are almost identical, the strong pull and strong load held issues of the woven are superior to those of the non-woven.

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