Geomembrane For Canal Lining

Geomembrane For Canal Lining

Geomembrane For Canal Lining – Canal linings made of synthetic materials known as geomembranes are used to block water seepage. In addition to reducing water loss, this can improve irrigation efficiency.

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Canal Lining
Canal Lining
# Applications
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Water Management
    They help in managing water resources efficiently by preventing seepage and maintaining soil quality.

Function : 

  1. Control of Penetration
    Prevent fluid or gas from penetrating into soil or groundwater.
  2. Chemical Barrier
    Protecting the environment from harmful chemical contamination.
  3. Structure Stability
    Provides stability to structures that hold fluid or waste.
  4. Water Conservation
    Helps in water conservation by preventing leaks in tanks, ponds, and irrigation pipes.
Geomembrane For Canal Lining
Geomembrane For Canal Lining

 # Geomembranes offer several benefits, including #

  1. Environmental Protection: Preventing soil and groundwater contamination from hazardous substances.
  2. Cost Savings: Reducing maintenance costs by providing a long-term solution to water containment and pollution prevention.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: Meeting stringent environmental regulations and avoiding costly penalties.
  4. Enhanced Water Management: Minimizing water loss due to seepage, enhancing overall efficiency in irrigation or water storage.

# Exposure Tests #

1) Exposure

  • Durability Evaluation: Exposes geomembrane samples to natural environmental conditions to evaluate durability.

2) Water Vapor

  • Water Vapor Transmission: Tests the permeability of geomembranes to water vapor.
  • These tests help evaluate the performance and durability of geomembranes under various conditions