Geotextile Mat

Geotextile Mat

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What is Geotextile Mat?

Geotextile carpets are ticks or geo-textile fabrics made of synthetic polymers such as polypropylene and polyester, rather than natural fibres such as silk and cotton. Since its inception in the 1960s, geotextile has become an important aspect of any construction project due to its versatile use in many applications. Typically, these geo-textile or geotextile mats are placed above the surface of the soil to cover soil that has a soft texture. There is a word geo in the origin of its name.

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Geotextile Type

Geotextiles can be produced from polymer fibres into either woven or non-woven fabrics after the thread has been created. (not woven). Both types of fibres are produced using different methods, and the manufacturing processes are also different.

1. Woven
Geotekstil Adalah
Woven Geotextile

Polypropylene geotextile and polyester weaving, widely used for ground foundation repair especially in the field of effective and efficient civil engineering. Separate pebble routes, water debut and in particular have unparalleled advantages in Indonesia. And compared with the filtration feature on the geotextile fabric tradition. Because of the fiber weaving and continuity of the filament, the woven geotextiles are strong when held and stretched from the opposite ends.

2. Non Woven
Harga Geotextile Non Woven
Non Woven Geotextile

The type of sheet-shaped geotextile such as carpet and non-blowing, made from polymer fibers that have the base material polypropylene/polyester and made by using machines. It is used in geotechnical engineering. It has a high attraction strength and is resistant to temperature, weather, temperature, microorganisms and chemicals.

Use of Geotextile

Geotextiles are used in a variety of settings and serve a variety of purposes, such as draining water, separating different types of soil, and fortifying soils.

Applications for geotextiles include the fundamental sturdiness of roads, railroads, dams, and buildings. Additionally, it is used to develop land for residential, commercial, or other purposes.

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