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Selling Cheap Cast Plastic 2023

Selling Cheap Cast Plastic 2023 – Thanks for visiting the PT. MAXPRO KURNIA MEGAH website. We are an Indonesian distributor of geosynthetic materials, and we have been around since 2017. Non-woven Geotextile, Geotextile Woven, Continuous Filament, Geomembrane, Geogrid, Paranet, Geo Composite, Geopipe, Cast Plastic, Drainage Cell, Geocell, and Geobag are some of the items we provide.

We are located in Tangerang City. Find the items that meet your needs from our greatest selection with the best quality and lowest selling price.

Selling Cheap Cast Plastic 2023

We provide various types of Geosynthetic products according to your needs. There is plastic between them. We offer two types of plastic castings: butek plastic castings, also known as green castings, and lime plastic castings. With a width of 3 x 6 length and 0.06 mm thick, or according to our customer’s requirements.

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Selling Quality Cast Plastic

Selling Quality Cast Plastic
Quality Cast Plastic

We only offer cast plastic products of the highest quality and affordable prices. Let’s talk more about cast plastic and its benefits.

Cast plastic can be used as a fundamental component of concrete casting activities involving soil; the aim is to prevent cement water from evaporating due to soil penetration. The use of plastic in these activities is the latest innovation, replacing low quality screed or casting concrete.

The purpose of using cast plastic is so that the concrete base surface does not come into direct contact with wet soil. When this happens, there is less chance of water or steam penetrating into the pores of the concrete, and the bone does not rust. In addition to damaging the bone, corrosion will change the color of the concrete surface to rust.

Advantages of Using Cast Plastic

  1. Cheaper cost.
  2. Materials are easily available.
  3. Simple to save.
  4. Installation is simpler and cheaper.
  5. Avoid corrosion and rust.
  6. Installation takes less time.

Application of Cast Plastic

  • Base layer for road casting
  • Closing application
  • Protection/to protect the material
  • As a closing item or otherwise

PT. MAXPRO KURNIA MEGAH offers additional geosynthetic installation services and is prepared to ship goods to all Indonesian provinces. Please click here to view a more comprehensive list of our products, and use the following link to contact us for reservations and additional information.